Solar Boat is a modern solar powered solar boat houseboat

Solar Boat

Innovation and modernity

Solar Boat is a modern solar powered solar boat houseboat. The source of energy for the yacht are high-quality photovoltaic modules with power from 490 Wp to 990 Wp, depending on the number of installed modules.

Solar Boat

Comfort and safety

Solar Boat dimensions provide comfortable navigation for a 4-5 person crew. The real hit are the pews in the cockpit in the standard version lined with natural teak wood, which gives the prestigious and unique character of this solar boat.

Solar Boat

Simple maneuvering

When designing a solar boat, we tried to optimize the dimensions and weight of the yacht. Although the Solar Boat is not the smallest, we can transport it in the middle class without any major problems. The transport weight of the solar boat is approx. 1200 kg.

Ecological and fugitive

There are practically no operating costs compared to similar constructions. Our solar boat does not consume fuel! The Solar Boat structure has also been optimized for production costs, thanks to which we can offer you this modern and environmentally friendly solar boat at a competitive price.

The interior of the solar boat

Berth 2 + 2 (two adults + two children)
Koja on amidships
Sanitary cabin, sink, chemical toilet
A floor made of mahogany plywood
Standard helm chair
Ultraflex steering wheel
Material upholstery
Place for the galley
Solar Boat
Solar Boat

See the Solar Boat catalog sheet

Pictures of the solar boat