Solar boat equipment

Hull and deck in white
A set of baskets and railings
Beak bow type with ladder
Anchor hatch
Ventilation hatch in the bow berth
2 stern locker
Benches in the cockpit lined with teak wood
Table in the cockpit
Sliding doors to the central berth
Ventilation hatch in the central berth
Baffle strip

Electrical installation

Navigation lights – light on the cab roof
Illuminated compass
Audio installation (MP3, bluetooth) 2 loudspeakers in the central berth
Bilge pump
Standard lighting
12V 10A charger socket
Water level indicator with backlight
Solar charger Victron BlueSolar MPPT
2 high-quality monocrystalline solar modules
Victron Battery Monitor battery monitoring system
Lighting outside in the cockpit

Innovation and modernity

A solar boat is a modern houseboat powered by solar energy. The source of energy for the yacht are high-quality photovoltaic modules with power from 490 Wp to 990 Wp, depending on the number of installed modules, characterized by high efficiency in the production of electricity, which load the yacht’s batteries in any weather.

The solar boat is powered by an innovative motor – electricless with a brushless efficiency of up to 85%. Similar engines are currently used in modern Automotive drives. The use of such a drive unit guarantees comfortable navigation in virtually absolute silence.

Comfort and safety

Solar Boat dimensions provide comfortable navigation for a 4-5 person crew. The real hit are the pews in the cockpit in the standard version lined with natural teak wood, which gives the prestigious and unique character of this boat.

The height in the central berth is 1.85 m, which allows free movement of people with high growth. Inside the central berth, you will find a spacious sanitary cabin, optionally equipped with a shower, a fold-out couch for two people, a galley and, of course, a comfortable helm chair. The shape of the hull provides very high stability while increasing the level of safety of the vessel’s navigation.

Simple maneuvering and easy transport

While designing the unit, we tried to optimize the dimensions and weight of the yacht, although the solar boat is not the smallest, we can transport it in the middle class without any major problems. The transport weight of the yacht is about 1200 kg.

The mechanical engine management system ensures precision in housebot maneuvering. Practically after a few hours of sailing without any major problems we will manage maneuvers even in a crowded port.

Low operating costs and ecology

Virtually no operating costs, compared to similar constructions, our houseboat does not consume fuel! The Solar Boat construction has also been optimized for production costs, thanks to which we can offer you this modern eco-friendly yacht at a competitive price.

See the Solar Boat catalog sheet